We offer a range of Information Technology Services here at Epic Technology LLC. Everything that your business needs to not only succeed but do so at a relatively low cost.



IT Support


Here at Epic Technology LLC our goal is to make sure that your business is up and running. While you are extremely proficient at what you do, sometimes technology can be a little overwhelming. If you have said “Let’s just replace it” then there is a need for IT Support. What makes Epic Technology different from all of the other Information Technology Services  out there in Maiden NC? Our support staff is here to make sure you get up and running as quick as possible without long delays. When you sign up with us we promise to respond to all IT emergencies within 10 minutes of the first phone call. This means that there is no waiting on hold, waiting for someone to call you back for hours on end. Just our guarantee that one of our techs will be working with you to fix the problem within 10 minutes. If we are unable to send a tech out to your location, then we will overnight you with a brand-new PC ready to work. This guarantee helps our clients understand that not only are we here to help, we are here to make sure that you can run your business and worry about more important things.


Digital Marketing


If you search the term “Digital Marketing Companies in Charlotte NC, or Mooresville NC or even Maiden NC” you will find page after page after page of companies that are offering the same service we do. Or if you search “digital agency’s in Maiden NC” you will see the same thing. So, what sets Epic Technology apart from the rest of these other digital marketing companies? It’s simple, our willingness to show you are work and show you the results and never hide anything from our clients. We will never offer digital marketing that promises you to see instant results, or marketing that promise you to see 100% increase in sales in 30 days or less! While it could be possible that some of these digital marketing companies are legit, often we find that they are not and that they are hurting our clients more than they are helping. At the end of the day our success is not based on how many clients we can get signed on, it is based on how successful our clients are. The rest will fall into place, as great as digital marketing is, word of mouth is still an extremely powerful tool.


Drone Footage

Drones are on the raise and almost everyone has one or knows someone with a drone. Drones are a great way for us to get photos and footage that we normally could not get, not without spending more money than it was worth. Here at Epic Technology LLC, we thought creating videos and having our clients play them for social media, digital marketing, and anything else they want would be beneficial. So, that is exactly what we did. We can help realtors take drone footage of houses they would like to list, handyman footage of exterior and interior repairs and so much more.


Local Listing Clean Up


It’s no lie that local listing can be something that can make or break your business. Different people use different websites to find different services. This is the world that we live in now, so why take a chance with all of the different places your company could be listed at? Or have another company put false information on these local listings thus ruining your name. Here at Epic Technology LLC we have a very simple method to make sure you get listed on all of these sites with all the correct information. In less the 48 hours we can put your business on over 50 websites that are legit sources of traffic.


Social Media Management


With all of the different social media platforms out there how do know which ones to post to and which ones are not as important? Or which ones will bring the type of customer that you want? Digital Marketing is more than just placing some ad’s online and hoping for the best. You must also make sure that you are posting content that will make your online audience get engaged which will help build your following. We all do cool things at our places of business, and now is a great time to start sharing that with other people.


Online Reputation Management


After working long and hard on your business, nothing hurts worse than getting that one star review. You read the review and either understand where the customer is coming from or that the way they described some events is not how it happened. Therefore, it is extremely important to watch for these reviews and respond. Customers want to see that your business cares enough to respond to reviews and post the whole story. One star reviews are going to happen, you can at least show you are trying to try and fix the problem. Customers are going to see your effort and see that you care about your customers.