Did you know that there are over 50 sites that you could have your business on? That is 50+ different places to have free digital marketing for your business! Having the correct information on these local listings are extremely important for several reasons. One being that you could very well be missing clients that are searching for you on them. Or perhaps you have listed your business on some, however the information is not correct. Having the wrong hours displayed, wrong URL for your website, Facebook or Google+. Are all very important to make sure that they are correct and working as they should. The digital world is changing at a very fast past, make sure you are staying with the times and having your Local Listing Clean Up is extremely important. 

Local listings also play a huge role in the ranking of your website. How is that you ask? When Google sends out its crawlers to search the web. They look at how many sites have a link to your website. Thus helping strengthen your ranking on Google. There is a flip side to this as well. Sometimes a site that has your information on it can do more harm than good. The reason for this is because not all sites are the same, they do not hold the weight with Google that others do.

The other reason that we talked about a little bit was that a future customer could be searching these sites and come across wrong information. Someone could have put the information on there when it was correct and forgot to change it, or someone else could have claimed your business. Now you cannot respond to reviews, update information etc.

Also when Google sends those crawlers out, your website can get nicked if Google finds different information from different sites. Such as different about us information. The reason for this is that Google understands that this information is correct and is not providing the best user experience. Which is Googles main function. Providing the user, your potential customer and making sure that they are seeing accurate, relevant content. Which is the key to increasing your websites ranking.

We at Epic Technology make sure to update over 50 local listings on your companies’ behalf. When we go through each local listing, we make sure to update the correct hours, Links, information, about us and much more. We also do sweeps on your local listings, making sure that everything is still correct and has not reverted back. As long as you keep Epic at your side, all of these listings will be taken care of!

With our digital tool, you will be able to see this first hand. You will see your company go to a certain percentage of being optimized to 100% optimized. This will be part of the weekly meeting that Epic Technology LLC will have with you, showing that everything is current and up to date. This way our partners can see the work that we are doing for them first hand. Instead of just hearing it, you can see it and actually feel the results from being hundred percent optimized. Several other Online Marketing companies either hand jam everything in, or just all together forget about it. Thus leaving your company missing out on several different aspects. Let us manage your Local Listing Clean Up today!