The automotive industry is where our roots are the deepest. One thing that we have heard time and time again is “how do we get more quality leads” time and time again. The good news is that over time we have found some of the best ways to do this, without wasting the dealerships money so that their budget may go further.

Facebook ads are more important than you think. What if I told you that we were able to have your dealership marketing during a major sporting event? Of course the first response we hear is that, “that is way too costly.” Well not any more, we are able to use geolocation and target people at a certain location during a certain time. So when someone at the game checks their Facebook on their phone, we will more than likely show an ad. Or how about targeting a local competitor as well? Without giving away to many trade secrets, we are able to do just that. Which those shoppers are much lower in the funnel, thus will return more leads to sells for the dealership. Digital Marketing has come such a long way with Facebook. Now is the time to jump in front of the pack, and lead the way. Another cool marketing tool within Facebook is to target people who have purchased from your store with positive equity so that we can hit them with ads about trading in to a new vehicle. These Facebook tools are just a few of many that Epic Technology LLC has to offer as part of our digital marketing plan.

Another key factor in digital marketing for dealerships is their reputation.  With the volume of traffic, they get, as well as buying a vehicle can be the second largest purchase a person will make. Emotions tend to run high. Epic Technology LLC will make sure that your online reputation is being watch. We will respond to negative reviews, as well as make sure to drive more positive reviews to you. So when a consumer is looking for the best dealership to go to, you will be at the top of that list.

Many dealerships want to show up first when customers are searching for certain keywords. While many want to show up not only in their area, but in the surrounding area as well. Over time this has become one of our key factors in digital marketing, however this is something that is never promised or can be guaranteed. The reason for this in a very short explanation is that not even employees of Google could give you the best way. Google in recent times pushed an update out that puts a machine in charge of how websites are ranked. However due to some of the top minds in the world, digital marketing companies like Epic Technology LLC are able to have a good idea. With that idea, we understand that nothing is promised. If another digital marketing agency is promsing that they can, stay far far away from thier digital marketing company.