Epic Technology LLC started off providing IT support to the automotive industry in North Carolina and South Carolina. Projects ranged from setting up recently purchased dealerships to providing them support with hardware and support. While small we had earned the trust and respect of our clients, which promoted several of them asking us about Digital Marketing a few years back.

While this was something that we never really thought about getting into, our clients asked us to at least take a look at what some of their digital marketing agencies were doing and to find out if they were actually performing. After extensive research, trial and error we started to get just the basics and soon found out that not only were our clients being cheated, they were also being taken advantage of. Charlotte North Carolina is home to several different IT companies, Digital Marketing Companies, and everything in between. So, finding another company for our clients was not the issue. It was finding a company that they could trust and count on.

We started providing digital marketing to only one or two companies at the beginning. With the upfront agreement that we were still learning. Now fast forward and we are proud to offer the knowledge and skill set to other companies in the Charlotte Area. We are several things, what we are not is a 30 day promise to sell more cars, houses RV’s etc. We are a company that is going to work with you to become part of your team and bases our success off your success. We do not over promise, we over deliver. We are always more than willing to show you our work from the source and not just some reports we put together and ask you to take our word that these numbers are correct. This is the foundation that we were built on and this is the foundation that we will continue to grow on.