We have all seen at least one or two of these Facebook contest where you must like, share and comment in order to have a chance to get a brand new 2017 Dodge Charger! The reasons vary from “can’t be sold because they have been unsealed” or just because we want to. These scams may seem harmless and you may just like the product they are giving away. However, these Facebook Scams “Like, Comment, Share” can actually cause harm.

There is a reason why someone wants you to do these things. The simple response is Money. These leads go viral across Facebook and in a short amount of time. Most people think that “it could be true” or “just in case it’s true” so they end up sharing it. This causes these pages to get a huge amount of followers in a short amount of time.

What harm could these Facebook pages cause?

A lot

The scammers that are not doing this to get a ton of likes to have a purpose in life. They are after money, and if someone is scamming money that mean someone is on the losing side.

These scammers will create marketing sites that have one goal in mind. To steal your Personal information and then you are a part of of another spam communication. As if one wasn’t enough already.

Malware is another issue with these scams. There is a strong change that on these websites scammers have install malware on your computer. Lets not forgot about the famous Ransomware that was just in the news a few weeks ago.

This post is just to remind you that if you share these types of pages and partake in the Facebook Scams “Like, Comment, Share” you put your self at rick. Not only do you put your self at risk you also put Facebook friends and family as well.

What is the difference between the Facebook Scams “Like, Comment, Share” and a real promotion?

This is a very easy answer. If you click on the Facebook page that is running this promotion and see a check next to there name, this means that they have been verified through Facebook. Or if you look at their Facebook page and notice that their Facebook page is only a few days old with nothing posted before the give away. These are just some of the few ways to check to see if it is a Facebook Scams “Like, Comment, Share” or a real give away.

Remember, you and you alone are responsible for what you put and share on Facebook. If you choose to interact with these scammers then you are only causing more harm then good.

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    1. Ben, Facebook will remove these pages if reported. However, Facebook has a ton of users and they get a ton of reports every day. So going through them all can take some time.

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