When creating a Facebook ad you will notice that there are a ton of choices. These choices that you make will determine how well your Facebook ad runs. What we are going to be talking about today is Facebook Ad’s Specific Vs Broad. What it means, the differences, and why it is important.


Specific audience in Facebook means that you have an extremely defined audience. This is something that you want to avoid. An Audience that is very specific can be bad for your ad. This can cause it to under perform and thus cause a waste of money. Below is an example of an audience that is to specific.

Facebook Specific Ad Example

In this example we can see that the meter Facebook has is in the red. Just like driving red means stop in this case.


A broad audience in Facebook means that the interest you used covers a large scope of people. This is not recommended but not as bad as having a specific audience. This can cause a Facebook ad to burn through its budget very quickly. Here is an example of a broad audience on a Facebook ad.

Broad Facebook Ad Example.

When creating a Facebook ad you want to be in the middle. The reason for this is you want a good balance between the two. You want your add to show to the right people. However, you do not want it to be so broad it hits everyone. Or so specific that it only hits a very small group of people.

Facebook can be a very power platform to run ad’s for your business. Making sure that your ad is built correctly can be the difference between a good ad and a great ad. Let us know in the comments any questions you may have or what you think!