When someone Google’s your business name what comes up? More than likely your business. However, when someone Googles the type of services you provide or the products you sale, where do you show up? When a customer is searching they more than likely do not know your business name. They are looking for businesses that offer that product or service and are just looking around. When you are working with a Company to improve your ranking here are some things to pay attention to.

Beware of any company that can promise you to be number one on Google or even on the first page. With the way the internet is changing there is no way any company can promise you this. No matter how good they are, or how many years of experience they have. The reason for this is because all of the search engines are always changing how they rank websites and sometimes it comes down to just how long your site has been live. However, a company that promises you that you will rank better for the keywords that describe your business is telling the truth. Anyone can get you on the first page when someone search’s your name. The thing that you want is to be is ranking as high as you can when someone search’s for your services or products.

Watch out where your website is linked to. While this links are important they can also get you into some trouble. If you are paying for someone to have a link to your website besides the BBB or your local commerce, then watch out. Search engines are looking for this and your domain could be blacklisted if they find out some shady things were done to get you a better ranking.

Overall make sure to be involved in the process of your online presence. Make sure to ask questions, double check everything and ask for advice. These are the clients that we prefer. They want to know how we are handling their online presence and with that they get that peace of mind it is being done right.