Today the Ukraine was hit by a cyber-attack which crippled computers ranging from A.T.M.S, radiation monitors and much more. While it is still unclear who was behind this attack, we do know that the full extent of the damage is still unclear.

This cyber-attack not only hit A.T.M.S but it also hit government and business computers. While Ukraine tweeted making light of the situation, the situation goes to show just how important proper networking security is.

This attack came a day before Ukraine’s first constitution after leaving the USSR. We are not saying that this attack was because of this, several sources have laid claims that this puts Russia behind the attacks. Which is strange seeing as there were reports of companies in Russia being affected as well.
This comes after the WannaCry attacks in May. Both of these attacks demanded digital ransom from owners. This virus linked to a Bitcoin account in which about $2,300 have been sent to.

While these attacks will keep coming, it is important to note that Microsoft has already patched this issue. The only problem is getting users to download these updates and restart their computers. Which can almost be as hard as putting a child down for a nap. Without a doubt we still have computers still running Windows XP out there.

If you have not updated your anti virus then we suggest that you also do this. Updating your anti virus is extremely important because this can stop attacks like this from happening. Also making sure that you have antivirus on all of your computers is extremely important.

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