Are you looking for some ​Graphic Design In Mooresville NC to design a logo that truly represents your company? A logo that will stick out and stand out from all of the other business like yours? Epic Technology LLC is the place for you! We will make sure that we find out everything about your business, what it does, the target audience, the message you want to get across that way we can design a logo that represent your company.

Epic works hand in hand with its partners to insure that we are providing you the design that you will love. When we first start, we will provide two rough drafts so that you can pick the way that you would like to proceed. From there we will start working on getting you a final product. A final product that you will be proud of.

During the process if you wish to change directions, or dislike everything that we are giving you no worries! We are here to make sure that we are providing you a product that you will be proud to show off! If you change your mind once or a hundred times it does not matter.

When we give you the final product you own it. No strings attached. This means that you can do whatever you would like to it. We will also provide a .pst file with it. That way if you choose to have someone else edit it then you can. While we would hope that you would choose us again, we want to provide our partners the ability to do whatever they want with whoever they want.  

The turnaround time for us to produce a logo can vary from one business day to five business days. The reason why there is such a large gap is because this it depends on how many changes are made per the client’s request. We also encourage the client provide us as much material as they can. Anything from old logos, to any specific request to have certain things inside of their logo. The reason for this is it saves time from having to find an image that meets the clients request and still follow all copy right laws.

Have an event coming up? Want to have a great looking logo when you are running some digital marketing? Want to have the ability to hand out professional looking flyers to everyone? Epic Technology LLC can help you with that! We can put together a flyer that has all of the information that you are looking to provide everyone and put it together in a way that makes everything flow and seem natural. The process is the same as Epic making a logo. We want to provide our clients with a product that they love and will be proud of.

Epic Technology LLC is here to make sure that all of your digital marketing & graphic design needs. We are a company that works side by side with our clients. This is just to insure that we are providing them with a product they want. Anyone can make a flyer or logo and say here you go. Only a company that cares will make sure you are getting a logo or flyer that you will love.