Digital Marketing

Here at Epic Technology LLC our goal is not to become another vendor, our goal is to provide you with a digital marketing company that over delivers instead of over promising. With several different Digital Marketing Companies, out there in the Charlotte area how do you know which one will deliver and which Digital Agency’s won’t? The answer is in the numbers and Google Analytics. While companies will promise, you they are providing you more leads, they often will hide their work. Which makes it almost impossible to see what is really going on. Here at Epic, our main goal is to show you that not all digital marketing companies are the same! We are located in Maiden, NC and we do service the Charlotte area!

Why Epic Technology LLC

Why Choose Epic Technology for all of your Digital Marketing, IT support and Web site design needs?

The number one question that we get asked when we speak with clients is “Why should we choose your company over any of the others?” This is a valid question that you should ask any company before you hire them on as a vendor. Here at Epic Technology LLC our success is dependent on your success. We want to keep our clients on board and the only way to do that is to make sure that we are keeping our promises and over delivering on them.

Epic Technology LLC and Digital Marketing


Digital Agency

Digital Marketing Agency’s in Huntersville NC

Here at Epic Technology LLC providing Digital marketing to out clients is much more then setting an ad and forgetting. We watch all of our digital ad’s to make sure that they are performing as they should. If an ad is not performing as it should, we make adjustments when needed. This allows us to catch an under performing ad before it goes through your budget. More often then not, you will find other digital marketing companies using the set and forget it method.


IT Support

Tech Support

Your Very Own IT Team


Running a business requires one to wear many hats. Ranging from accounting, to sales,  and everything in between. However, when it comes to IT support who do you call? Your Point of sales, Credit Card Machines, computers and everything else is the very blood line to your business. This is how you process payments, send invoices and even run your business. Here at Epic Technology LLC our goal is to provide a feeling to our clients that we are their very own IT team. Here to make sure everything goes smoothly. From removing viruses, repairing networks to simple data back ups we do it all. The next time you have any IT problems, make sure to call Epic Technology LLC and get your very own IT team supporting you.